About Us

Our Ghana Aquaponics system, raised garden, sack garden, and education center, 6 months after installation.

At Taaluma, we work to alleviate food insecurity in Ghana and Togo by creating small aquaponics systems and training centers for our partners in the region. We also create sack gardens, self-watering container systems and we teach people how to regenerate plants, compost and manage waste. When we leave, people are able to create a sustainable food source for themselves and their families without any further assistance from us.

The training centers provide locals with an opportunity to learn how to create more fertile soil by mixing it with sand, hay and compost and how to create and maintain sack gardens, compost areas and raised gardens. They are also a source of information for people who want to learn more about sack gardening or container gardening.

We also empower women and children through education and training. We  visit villages to teach people how to create sack gardens, container gardens and how to compost and care for the gardens.

Our Goal: We strive to create at least one aquaponics training center annually and to introduce sack gardens  and container gardening to different villages. Sack gardens were very well received in Ghana and Taaluma was invited to do training sessions at several rural villages. Sack gardens are inexpensive to make; all you need is an empty sack, rocks, fertile soil, and seeds or plants. The benefits include faster growth, less water use, and higher produce yield. 

We also help our partners with special projects as needed, including educational sponsorship, school supplies and training materials. We have sent funds to keep the lights on at an orphanage, sent funding for school supplies, built protective fencing around a school and sent funds to help feed children at orphanages experiencing a crisis situation.

Our Approach: We create aquaponics training centers at schools, orphanages and other organizations that we vet through a comprehensive process, that includes on-site visits. The partners must meet all the criteria before Taaluma moves forward with the process. In addition to helping our partners, we share information with local villagers through demonstrations on how to create sack gardens and compost bins.

Who We Work With: Taaluma partners with local organizations that are established and have a good relationship with their neighbors. We work to help an organization that is already doing excellent work, to become self-sufficient and to feed the children they work with. In return, we require that they share the knowledge we provide with the families they work with so they can create a sustainable source of food. Each year, we choose an organization that meets our criteria. Contact us for more information.

Additional Work: We also help our partners with special projects, such as educational sponsorship and what we consider urgent needs. We also work with anyone who contacts us asking for additional information about sack or container gardening. See our donation page for more information on Taaluma’s current special projects.