Our Partners

John and Irene Nyavor, Great Mission International Ghana & Togo (GMI)

John & Irene Nyavor

GMI is a nonprofit organization based in Accra, Ghana. In Accra, they run a home for orphans and children whose parents cannot care for them; often taking in women and children who are brought to them by Welfare Services. GMI is a special place where the children receive love and care in a nurturing, happy environment. John and Irene also ensure they all receive an education. John is a social worker by trade and has a number of outreach programs that focus on finding and helping children who are at risk. He has successfully taken children living on the rough streets of Accra and helped them to find housing and receive an education.

John primarily lives in Ghana, but was born in Togo. While visiting his mother a few years ago, he realized the great need there and started a second home for children in Kpalimé.

John and Irene often reach out with special requests to help provide for the children they care for, such as educational sponsorship or sewing machines so children they rescue from the streets can learn a trade.

We also support School of Hope, a school John started in an impoverished rural region of Togo. Before John opened the school, village children were not being educated because there wasn’t a school nearby. We help them in a number of ways, including educational support and school and food supplies.


John and Stacy Omofore, City of Refuge Ministries, Ghana (CORM)

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City of Refuge Ministries

City of Refuge Ministries exists to provide holistic restoration for children who have been liberated from exploitation, abuse, or trafficking. The goal is to prevent exploitation at its roots by empowering individuals and
communities to eradicate child slavery and achieve personal and community goals. Stacy and John have a boarding school for children who were removed from slavery and it is the location of our first aquaponics system and training center.



Mary Afari, Golda Meir Academy, Ghana

Mary Afari

Mary runs a school in a small farming community in the Volta region of Ghana. She educates around 90 children each year, many of whom would be working along side their parents on farms if the school was not there. A seamstress by trade, Mary largely supports the school with her work. In addition to the school, which often provides the only meal the children get in a day, she works tirelessly to help girls to receive information about health, nutrition and finance so they can live healthy and productive lives. We are currently fundraising for better cooking facilities and more hygienic toilets for the school. See our donation page for more information.