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There are many ways you can help provide a sustainable food source to people in West Africa who need it. We will spend all of your donations on the projects. If you would like your donation to go towards something specific, let us know. To give you an idea of how far your help will go, a donation of:

US$ 5 =     One sack garden for a family.

US$ 20 =  A training session in sack gardening for an entire village or 100 fingerlings (baby fish) for an aquaponics system delivered to the site.

US$ 50 =    A compost bin or a PVC pipe for an aquaponics system.

US$ 100=   A fish tank that will hold 40 grown tilapia fish (we use at least three).

US$ 150 =     A pump for an aquaponics system.

US$ 250 =   Roofing materials for the greenhouse.

US$ 500 =   All the gravel for the grow beds and flooring in greenhouse, or all the PVC pipes for an aquaponics system.

US$ 1,000 = All the wood and labor needed to build the greenhouse structure.

US$ 6,000 = An entire aquaponics system, including the fish, plants, greenhouse and labor costs.

Special Volunteer/Aquaponics training session

US$ 2000 = This includes: transportation to and from the airport to the construction site; room and board at the site (not luxury); hands-on lessons on how to create a sustainable aquaponics system and sack gardens all while contributing to the project. Any money that is not needed for you room, board and transportation will be used on the project. Not included: Airfare.

But there’s always more to do. Each time we go to Ghana or Togo we meet with our friends and visit remote villages to see how we can help. The last time we were there we made a sack garden for Mary Afari , who is director of a school in the Volta region. While there, we noticed she has some pressing needs. The kids do not have toilets and use a corner that is sectioned off for some privacy. The kids also didn’t have a place to wash their hands before eating.

We are fund raising for a kitchen and more sanitary toilets for Mary, but were able to make some tippy taps so the kids could wash their hands. All it took was a few empty cooking oil containers and a few bars of soap. It’s the little things in life that can make us all smile.

Special projects

We are fundraising for toilets and a kitchen for Golda Meir Academy, a school in the Volta region run by our friend, Mari Afari, a seamstress. The 90 children who attend the school in a farming community would be working in the fields with their parents if Mary’s school was closed. Pictured are the toilets the children use. She needs a more hygienic solution for the children, some of whom do not have shoes. She also needs a kitchen, all  the lunch meals for the children are cooked outside in a single pot over an open flame. If you would like to donate to Mary, please note it in your Paypal donation.