There are many ways you can help the families of West Africa live healthier, happier lives. Even a small donation of $5 provides a source of food – a sack garden for a family.
Taaluma spends 100% of your donations on the aquaponics systems and special projects for our partners in Ghana and Togo. If you would like your donation to go towards something specific, please let us know!

How Far Will Your Donation Go?

  • US $5 = One sack garden for a family
  • US $20 = A training session in sack gardening for an entire village -OR- 100 fingerlings (baby fish) for an aquaponics system delivered to the site
  • US $50 = A compost bin -OR- a PVC pipe for an aquaponics system
  • US $100 = A fish tank that will hold 40 grown tilapia fish (we use atleast 3 tanks in one aquaponics system)
  • US $150 = A pump for an aquaponics system
  • US $250 = Roofing materials for the greenhouse
  • US $500 = All the gravel for the grow beds and flooring in greenhouse -OR- all the PVC pipes for an aquaponics system
  • US $1,000 = All the wood and labor needed to build the greenhouse structure
  • US $6,000 = An entire aquaponics system, including the fish, plants, greenhouse and labor costs.


Three fish tanks with grow beds on top.



More Ways to Donate / Taaluma’s Special Projects

1. Taaluma’s Special Aquaponics Training Session

Taaluma’s Special Aquaponics Training Session

Interested in learning how aquaponics works? Join us on one of our sites for an amazing experience where you’ll work side by side with our partners to create a sustainable food source for children who need it to thrive.

You will receive hands-on training, classes that explain how the systems work and how to maintain them and the experience of working with our partners in West Africa.  A week-long session costs $2,000 and includes classes on how to build and maintain a system; transportation to and from the airport; lodging at the building site and meals. Airfare is not included. We can also arrange sight-seeing tours or sack gardening presentations at local villages during your free time so you get a taste of the local culture.

After the program, you will have all the information you need to set up your own aquaponics system and sack garden. We can even help you do design a system that will fit your needs. If you would like to arrange a shorter session, we can work with you. If you are interested, contact us for more information at


2. Mary Afari’s Golda Meir Academy

This is where the children urinate. We want to build more sanitary toilets.

We are fundraising for toilets and a kitchen for Golda Meir Academy, a school in the Volta region run by our partner, Mari Afary. The 90 children who attend the school in a farming community would be working in the fields with their

parents if Mary’s school was closed. She needs a more hygienic solution for the children, some of whom do not have shoes. She is also in need of a kitchen. All  the lunch meals for the children are currently cooked outside in a single pot over an open flame. If you would like to donate directly to Mary Afari’s academy, please note it in your PayPal donation.