Sack gardens, container gardens & compost areas

We had a great year, thank you for your contributions. We decided to spend the year refining our aquaponics system to make it less expensive, easier to manage and more functional. While doing this at our home base, we sent volunteers around Ghana to hold training sessions on sack and container gardening. We were able to build nice herb and vegetable gardens for our partners and some people we met along the way.

Mary Afari, who runs a school in the Volta region always struggles to feed the kids she cares for. We created an enclosed garden that includes sacks gardens full of potatoes and vegetables, self-watering container systems growing tomatoes and garlic. She is thrilled with the results and the children love helping her garden.

John Nyavor at GMI also needed a way to feed the children he cares for. A long-time Taaluma partner, we created sacks and container gardens for him. Before we left, his garden was already flourishing.

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Toilets & Better Kitchen Facilities for Golda Meir Academy, Ghana

Mary Afari runs the Golda Meir Academy, a school for 90 children in the Volta region of Ghana. The majority of the students come from families that work as farmhands; most work along side their parents when they are not at school. Many receive their only meal of the day at school. Mary needs more hygienic toilets for the children. She also needs better cooking facilities. If you would like to help Mary, please let us know.

This is where the children urinate. We want to build more sanitary toilet facilities.

Mary Afari leading her students.