2016 – Doryumu Aquaponics Training Center

In 2016, Taaluma successfully created the first aquaponics system and training center for City of Refuge Ministries in Doryumu, Ghana. CORM’s mission is to find children working as slaves on Lake Volta and, with the help of local authorities, remove them from the situation and place them in a safe environment where they can thrive. They have a boarding school for children who were removed from slavery and an educational center for local village children, and this is where we built the aquaponics system.

With the aquaponics system and sack gardens, the school is now able to serve the children balanced meals of Tilapia fish and fresh, organic vegetables. The system is running perfectly without any further assistance from Taaluma and the locals have started using the sack gardens. We are grateful the children are now eating healthier meals at school and also have a food source at home. The system reduced food cost for the organization, which feeds 300 children, by 35%.




2016 – Sack Gardens at Golda Meir Academy, Volta Region, Ghana

Sack Gardens at Golda Meir Academy

We created sack gardens at the Golda Meir Academy, a school that educates 90 children who also rely on the school for a meal every day. For many of the children, the meal they receive at the school is the only thing they eat all day. When they are not in school, many work alongside their parents on farms.

While we were there, we made tippy taps so the children could wash their hands with soap and water before eating. We also donated school supplies and toys, including balls and puzzles.