Fostering Independence

Through Alternative Farming

Project: Dodowa, Ghana

We created the country's first self-watering container garden for Great Mission International in Dodowa. The system includes a 125 liter water tank feeding 12 buckets to grow tomatoes, cucumbers and watermelons.

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So, what is aquaponics?

Sack gardens

No land? No problem. Sack gardening explained.

Container gardens

Grow food using empty containers.


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Here's what people say:

Ojehunme Emmanuel

Provides Excellent Ideas to help build a better and self-sustaining Africa.

Great job guys!

Mary Afari

Everything is growing so well. We are very happy. Thank you Taaluma!

    Donate Aquaponics

John Nyavor

Thank you very very much for the training and the support. It has been a moment of acquiring great tools that will forever make our basket great. The seeds are germinating and growing so well and it makes us so happy and confident we can do more. Thank you very much Taaluma!!!

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