We work to alleviate food insecurity in Ghana and Togo by creating small aquaponics systems and training centers for our partners in the region. We also create sack gardens and self-watering container systems for people who do not have much land or resources.

We teach people how to create alternative farms, regenerate plants, compost and manage waste. When we leave, people are able to create a sustainable food source for themselves and their families without any further assistance from us.

We also empower women and children through education and training. And we help our partners with special projects as needed, including educational sponsorship, school supplies and training materials.



  • To create at least one aquaponics training center annually.


  • To introduce sack  and container gardening to different villages.


  • To hold training sessions on alternative farming methods.

  • To recycle and reuse wherever possible.


  • To teach the value of farming and gardening to children.

  • To create systems that allow for self-sufficiency.


We primarily work with local organizations who have established programs that provide a service for women and children and are having trouble feeding the people in their care.

Our partners run schools, orphanages, clinics or have programs that help women and children.

We build aquaponics systems using all local materials and try to recycle whenever possible. We also teach others how to use recycled materials.


We include composting areas to teach how to create fertile soil.

We teach people to create sack and container gardens. These are inexpensive, easy to maintain and can feed families who do not have land.


We include training on how to regenerate plants, improve soil and improve crops.

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