Support us

There are many ways you can help the families of West Africa live healthier, happier lives. Even a small donation of $20 provides a source of food – a sack garden for a family. Here's a breakdown of some of our project's costs so you can see how far your donation can go. Let us know if you want us to put your donation towards something and we will make sure it goes to the right place.

Aquaponics system (Large) = $4,500

Aquaponics system (Small) = $2,500

Flight to Ghana for lead volunteer = $850

Self-Watering Container Garden (Containers, Soil, Pipes, Structure, Cover) = $350

Training session for a village = $100

 A Compost Bin = $60 

100 fingerlings (baby fish) for an aquaponics system delivered to the site = $50

One Sack Garden (Sack, Rocks, Soil, Seeds, Training) = $20