How we work

In every country there are a select few who devote themselves to serving others. We find people in Ghana and Togo who are doing great things for women and children, and we partner with them to help them feed the children in their care.

We build aquaponics training centers, sack gardens and self-watering container gardens at schools, orphanages and other organizations that we vet through a comprehensive process that includes on-site visits.


Our partners must meet the criteria we set for a project before Taaluma moves forward with the process. One of the conditions of a Taaluma build is they must share their knowledge and incorporate it into the childrens' education. We also ask that they work with their neighbors to spread the word about sack and container gardening.


In addition to helping our partners, we share information with people and organizations through demonstrations on how to create sack gardens and compost bins. We let people know where we will be in Ghana and make ourselves available for training sessions.

We also create sack gardens for a family or group of families if we see a need.

Special Projects

Sometimes we all need a helping hand with something that's gone wrong. When our partners reach out to us during times of stress, we try to help.


We have paid to keep the lights on in an orphanage, provided educational support for kids and bought soap and hygienic products for schools.