April 30 - May 10, 2018

         Dowdowa, Ghana

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Sack Gardens

Self-Watering Container Garden

Build: GMI 

Dodowa, Ghana


John and Irene Nyavor never say no to a child in need. Throughout the years they have fostered and educated hundreds of children and worked to help dozens of others get off the street and into school or find a vocation.

They have created homes filled with love and hope and we appreciate and value their dedication to the children of Ghana. We have provided them with sack and container gardens, but they did not have the land to meet our requirements for an aquaponics system until now. 

A recent move from Accra to Dodowa gives them more land for the children to play and a place for an aquaponics system. About a dozen young men have grown up with the Nyavors and are ready to enter the workforce. We look forward to working with them to create opportunities as they learn how to work with aquaponics.

Sack & Container Gardens


We create sack gardens for nonprofit organizations, schools, individuals and groups in Ghana and Togo.


If travel restrictions due to Covid-19 are lifted, we will travel to Ghana in October or November 2021. Our training is hands-on and participants leave with a completed sack or container garden. 

About Mary Afari

Whenever we are in Ghana, we visit Mary and the kids she works with at her school, the Golda Meir Academy in Hohoe. Mary's school is in a rural farming community. Most families don't own the land they farm and work the land for very little return. Most of the children in Mary's school would work with their parents in the field if the school was not there.

The last time we were at the school, most of the children had not eaten the night before or the morning before school. The only meal they received had been at school.

Mary is a seamstress and uses much of the money she earns at her small shop in Hohoe to care for the kids and keep the school running.

She is an inspiration and we will add to her vegetable garden this trip. Depending on her need, we may also help with repairs at the school. 

Future Plans

We will be in Kumasi, Cape Coast, Hohoe and Tamale in the next two years. If you would like a training or help creating a sack garden, a self-watering garden, an aquaponics or hydroponics system let us know.

We will update our projects as we get closer to the date and confirm with our partners in Ghana.